Characters Wanted


Rebels come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common – the guts to throw off convention and question authority. They won’t take it lying down. From small acts of rebellion, with or without a cause, to standing up to power and taking on City Hall to vigilantism, Palace Stories wants to hear your tales of defiance, dissent and uprising. Check out our Character Guidelines, and see if you or anyone you know fits the bill.

 A couple of stories of rebellion we’re kicking around:

Did you take part in the Crystal Palace Park occupation in 1998/99? Do you know someone who did? Have any direct contacts with council members who were involved at the time? Police? Have any photos or videos of the Big Willow Eco Village? The eviction? Let us know!

Were you or anyone you know pushing hard for a cinema for Crystal Palace? Are you a member of the congregation of KICC? Do you know anyone who worked at the site when it was cinema… or a bingo hall? Do you have photos or video of the campaign? Let us know!

Individual stories We’d also like to hear stories of rebellion on an individual and personal level. These could take the form of standing up to a bullying boss; tagging buildings and rail lines with graffiti; being told you would never be able to do something and persevering until you’ve succeeded. Let us know!


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