Palace Stories is a podcast about the people of Crystal Palace, London SE19. It explores the character of this unique hilltop community through the stories of the people who live here and love here.

Get involved

We’re a volunteer-driven community project and always on the lookout for photographers, artists, musicians, sound engineers, audio producers, and plain ol’ regular folk like YOU to get involved. Every contribution counts, and we’re only as good as the people of Crystal Palace make us.

We also want to hear YOUR stories. Do you have a story that needs telling or do you know of a local person that does? Then let us know!

Stay connected

Visit our Facebook page to share your memories of Crystal Palace and join the conversation.

Or contact us via email.

Who we are

Roxanne Escobales is a journalist who’s worked for the BBC, The Guardian and Oxfam. She’s lived in Crystal Palace since 1998, moving here from Florida. Like most Palace residents, she can’t imagine living anywhere else in London.

Special thanks and credits to… Local artist and musician Graeme Dalton who designed the Palace Stories logo and art directed the visuals on the website, and provided the header photo on our Facebook page. Listen to his rollicking band The Lovebirds, and buy his art here. Header photo is by Ewan Munro used under the Creative Commons license. Thanks to Del Oldham for supplying us with his fantastic photos on our Facebook page. Check out his photography – it’s fab.


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