Episode 1: The Publican

You can tell a lot about a neighbourhood from its pubs. In Crystal Palace, three of these drinking establishments greet visitors and residents at the main junction at the top of the hill. They each have their own personalities, and that’s down to the publicans.

In Episode 1 of Palace Stories, we find out what makes these publicans keep the drinks flowing and the punters happy.

These are your pubs. These are your publicans.

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Producer, reporter, editor: Roxanne Escobales
Sounds: From Freesound.org: pee.24bit.flac by dobroide; Toilet Flush.wavby tweeterdj; Foc.WAVby Everard; FootstepsUpstairs.aif by klakmart; record_scratch_short.wav by Halleck; ding.wav by Corsica_S
Music: ”The Grape and Grain” by Sax Pastilles recorded live at The Grape and Grain, “Minnie the Moocher” by Natty Bo and the Sax Pastilles recorded live at The Grape and Grain; “Bad Ideas” by Kevin McLeod; “Home Base Groove” by Kevin McLeod; the following from Tom Cusack 01_emotional, 01 Piano 5 – sparse, 01 Quirky; “The Oldest Swinger in Town” by Fred Wedlock under Fair Use for news reporting.


One thought on “Episode 1: The Publican

  1. Well done, a really interesting podcast. Nicely focused on a small area of the triangle.

    One suggestion – I’d lose the thematic background sounds – running water when talking about toilets was a bit distracting, as was the fire sound effects when talking about the fire in the pub.

    Really well done though!

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