Better late than never. PS s01e02: The Rebel

Welcome to Palace Stories, episode 2.

As you may have noticed, we’ve been quiet for a couple of years. Been busy earning. We’re sure you understand.

BUT, we’re back.

Here’s a little something I made earlier. Raw recordings from Spring 2013, it’s called The Rebel. And that speaks for itself.

Thanks to Franck Alba (music), Steve Urquhart (vox pops), Memo (interview) and Gummy Soul (music).

Happy listening x




Thanks to stevendepolo for CC image

Thanks to stevendepolo for CC image

Get your headphones ready, Palace Stories Ep02: The Rebel is nearing it’s launch.

In episode 2 you’ll meet Palacians who decided to go their own way in life – from the man who said goodbye to the day job in order to turn a passion into a profession; to the person who broke the law for gritty, underground fame; to the writer who penned the most famous headline in history. These are the rebels of the Triangle.

Stay tuned!

We’re growing

Palace Stories is very excited to introduce its first volunteer. Lucy Dearlove is a freelance audio producer obsessed with engaging and unusual radio formats and storytelling. She works for the online new music outlet Amazing Radio recording hot new bands for listeners’ delectation, and lends a hand at Xfm too. She has previously produced speech-based content and shows for community station Roundhouse Radio.

Lucy Dearlove

She’s looking forward to getting her teeth into tales of the Triangle. New to the fascinating close-knit Crystal Palace community she’s currently producing a segment for the next episode, The Rebel (we know, we know, it’s a long time coming – bear with us as we’ve been facing some frustrating setbacks and wrangling with our diaries to fit it all in).

Northeast born but now a fiercely proud South London resident, you can also find Lucy behind the counter at Rosie’s Deli Café in Brixton’s Market Row arcade. Next time you’re there, stop in and say hi.

Episode 1: The Publican

You can tell a lot about a neighbourhood from its pubs. In Crystal Palace, three of these drinking establishments greet visitors and residents at the main junction at the top of the hill. They each have their own personalities, and that’s down to the publicans.

In Episode 1 of Palace Stories, we find out what makes these publicans keep the drinks flowing and the punters happy.

These are your pubs. These are your publicans.

Visit our Facebook page for some fantastic photos of the pubs.

Producer, reporter, editor: Roxanne Escobales
Sounds: From pee.24bit.flac by dobroide; Toilet Flush.wavby tweeterdj; Foc.WAVby Everard; FootstepsUpstairs.aif by klakmart; record_scratch_short.wav by Halleck; ding.wav by Corsica_S
Music: ”The Grape and Grain” by Sax Pastilles recorded live at The Grape and Grain, “Minnie the Moocher” by Natty Bo and the Sax Pastilles recorded live at The Grape and Grain; “Bad Ideas” by Kevin McLeod; “Home Base Groove” by Kevin McLeod; the following from Tom Cusack 01_emotional, 01 Piano 5 – sparse, 01 Quirky; “The Oldest Swinger in Town” by Fred Wedlock under Fair Use for news reporting.